StrongHold VPN Extreme

How to Use or SetUP StrongHold VPN Official

First is to install vpn app in playstore , StrongHold VPN Extreme

Next if done installing the app. Please open the application.

-This app is different from the StrongHold VPN Official. different UI / and other functionalities.

  1. First is select VPN account type and Server as well (Premium / VIP / Private ) Example : Premium SG 26;                               
  2. Select Payload setting / Network Setting; Select what Network or simcard did you use. Example : SUN TU/CTC/FLP (DIRECT)
  3. to Sign In username and password. You can go to Up part of the app. their is (6) dots                                                                           .
  4. after that click Acount Login.     
  5. Sign In username and password given by Reseller or any trusted strong seller here.then Login,                                                                       
  6. Click Connect button to connect VPN Server.         

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